TBR goal of September 2020

Hello there, my bookish pack of smart wolves!

A bit late to the party this month but hey, here I am. Better late than never.

First off, August has been an insane month for me, reading-wise, even though I haven’t completed my initial goal (got carried away, oops?).

So, quickly listing my reading for previous month…

Okay, now that I got that out of the way (freaky month, I told you!), here are my picks for this month:

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Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Why do I want to read this book:

  • It has really great reviews on GoodReads;
  • I haven’t read some historical fiction in a while;
  • Everyone who read it recommended it to me;
  • Everyone who read it cried;
  • I want to cry too;
  • That title is extremely interesting like do crawdads even make a sound?? Hm, I sense a big metaphore incoming;
  • The cover is really pleasant to look at (those nice, soothing colours, oh my god!);
  • I’m positively waiting for it to impress me so that I’ll have to put it down and go find some tissues because my eyes can’t see to read anymore because of the tears pooling there;
  • I’m positive that this is going to be genuinely a good book.
52873094. sy475

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Why do I want to read this book:

  • This literally has the word ‘gothic’ in the title – I don’t close an eye on gothic things, ever;
  • The cover is stunning – like for real, all those colours!!
  • The action of the book is happening in the 1950s in Mexico – well that’s something I really want to read about;
  • I miss reading books with a horror-ish twist to them, even though they are simply mystery books;
  • The reviews on this one are kind of mixed – you either love it or you hate it, no in-between so that’s why it made me curious;
  • All of my friends who read that loved it so bonus right here;
  • I’ve read another book by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Gods of Jade and Shadow) and it was actually a good read!

Have you read any of those books here? If not, would you?

I’m very curious to see what you’re thinking about them so don’t hesitate to hit me up! 😀

Now, let’s just hope that I’m going to meet my tiny goal this month! hehe

4 thoughts on “TBR goal of September 2020

  1. Ohh, I finished Mexican Gothic this week and it was exquisite. I loved it, and I would classify it as a mild horror book. I don’t recommend it for people who haven’t read horror before, it can make you wet your pants :))

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